5 C’s on How to Get Ready For The Summer

Posted on: May 15th, 2014 by RF Ohl

Summer AC tipsThe warm weather is coming and it definitely means one thing – its summertime!

Summer is usually spent with family gatherings, outdoor travels and beach bumming. However, for some people who prefer to stay at home, summer means facing the unbearably hot weather. But there’s nothing to worry if you know the ways on how to get ready for the summer with the use of your HVAC system.

Here are 5 C’s to help you prepare for the warm summer:

Condition your HVAC system. Do this as early as you can, even before the hot months arrive. This can save you time, money and prevent  possible problems in the future.

Observe your system’s speed, vibration, temperature and pressure. If you notice any unusual changes in any of these, there might be something wrong. It is advised that you call an expert to immediately solve the problem.

It is also good if you’ll look for filter and belt changes. Don’t wait for your HVAC system to break. Check if your HVAC system is operating properly to keep you cool when the heat strikes.

Check the outdoor unit and make sure there are no leaves or shrubs around it. Keep leaves, shrubs and grasses away from the outdoor unit. These may build up, block air flow and damage the unit.

If you see shrubs and grasses around the sides of the unit, mow or prune them. Do it gently.

Check for damages that may prevent the unit from functioning properly. It is highly suggested that you check every part of your air conditioning unit especially its evaporator coils. See to it that there’s no rust or damage; if there is, it’s better to replace the coils. But if the coils are not rusty or damaged, simply clean any dust or dirt off the coils.

Change your thermostat battery. It is very important that your thermostat battery is fresh. As mentioned in the previous post, it’s recommended to change the batteries once a year.

Remember that your HVAC system will not work without the thermostat. Your air condition may not even turn on if your thermostat is not set correctly. Hence, make it a point that the thermostat is set to AC or “cool”.

Call a professional to have your system tuned up. To have an enjoyable summer, a tune up of your air conditioning system is necessary. A proper tune up can make your system operate safely and efficiently. Also, it can detect issues or potential problems as early as possible and could prevent them from happening.

So, just remember these 5 C’s and you’re all set for summer!  Call your Air Conditioning professionals at R.F. Ohl to schedule a service appointment.

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