Backyard BBQ: What Is A Pellet Grill?

Posted on: August 26th, 2014 by RF Ohl

Pellet GrillThe current housing market trend is to ditch the quiet life in the suburbs in favor of urban opportunities. While this means a culturally enhanced and generally more vibrant lifestyle, it also means sacrificing private outdoor space. If you’re the type who loves meat, barbeque and grilled seafood, choosing a grill can pose a bit of a conundrum.

There are so may options to choose from when it comes to barbeque grills. There are slow-cooking grills like smokers, which are great for rib or pork shoulders. Smokers can be used as wood or coal-smoking kettle grills for an authentic barbecue flavor. Grilling can be as simple as throwing hamburgers and vegetables over an open flame to as meticulous as choosing hickory or mesquite wood chips for enhanced flavor. It’s common for avid lovers of outdoor cooking, who also happen to have the necessary space, to have multiple grills which suit multiple purposes.

For those who like simplicity, favor ease of use and have little room to spare over a porch or balcony, getting a pellet grill is a great idea. This kind of barbeque grill is compact and relies on the use of small hardwood pellets. The wood pellets can be bought in a variety of flavors for enhanced taste. These are easily available in the market and are quick to ignite with an electronic igniter. New pellets can simply be thrown on top of the old ones. Want to grill like a “pit master”? Our grills have an “indirect oven” feature that allows for “low and slow” cooking that produces amazing results!

For those who love the idea of barbeques because the cooking is fast, easy and simple, the pellet grill is a must-have. For barbeque connoisseurs, their use is not the fun challenge that they may be crave. For the rest of us, idiot-proof cooking is actually a good thing.

A pellet grill allows you to cook food with restaurant-level flavor and the compactness and ease of use of a much smaller grill. The pellets are less expensive than charcoal and are responsible for much of the superior taste. Another reason pellet grills can so easily replace other types or even multiple grills is because it’s possible to cook just about anything on one. From burgers to steaks to seafood to vegetables – they can handle it all.

Stop by our showroom to see the line of pellet grills that we have available as well as all of the other grills and accessories.

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