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Tips For Hiring Heating Contractors in Allentown (and elsewhere)

Posted on: November 21st, 2013 by Heating Oil Guru

Thinking of Installing a New Heating System?

This is an interview of Steve Ohl where he discusses tips on how to find a good heating contractor to install and/or service a heating system in Allentown, PA or another other town. Watch it here…

  We had a small Internet glitch and had to resume the interview, so here is part two…

Tips On What Homeowners Should Look For in Heating Contractors

Heating Contractor Allentown PAOne thing that a homeowner must consider is if the contractor can provide service and is accessible 24 hours a day. It won’t matter if you have the best heating contractor if the same cannot be reached especially in times you need them the most. Somebody that can answer the phones every minute of the day is important.

Next are free estimates. Most contractors will offer free estimates or perhaps some type of rebate if they charge a small free upfront for the estimate. Be wary of contractors asking for large fees to perform an estimate.

A written proposal is as important as any other requirements in a homeowner’s search for a heating contractor. You don’t want to get a verbal quote from a contractor and end up paying a thousand dollars more when the job is complete. Get it in writing and make sure they are going to honor the pricing they gave for the installation or any other service for that matter. Based on Pennsylvania law, every contractor must possess a license and they have to provide a written contract or agreement on any job that costs more than $500. The license number provided by the State to the contractor must be present and visible in any advertisements made by the company, be it in their website or their van with the contractor’s name on it.

Things to Look Out For in the Installation of Heating Systems

Do not work with heating contractors that ask a significant amount of money upfront. Typically, a thirty percent down payment is asked, which partially covers the cost of hard expenses that the contractor needs to incur at the beginning of the job. When it comes to payment options for the consumer, there are financing choices offered by R.F. Ohl. For instance, Ohl partners up with a financing company that offers zero down payments. The monthly payments meanwhile can extend up to seven years. Multiple payments options therefore are a good barometer in determining a good heating contractor. Aside from financing, using a credit card for payments offers security and protection for the homeowner’s purchases in the event of a dispute.

The lowest price doesn’t always guarantee you get the best deal on your end. You have to consider looking at referrals and references to double check on the contractor’s reputation. The purpose of seeking referrals is to find out more about the contractor, both good and bad.

According to Steve, the good thing about their company is that they are very active in social media and other forms of communication. Because of this, there is emphasis on transparency, where would-be customers get to see feedback from previous clients, be it negative or positive.

Meanwhile, Steve talks more about the track record of a heating contractor as another essential factor to consider. According to him, it is important for their people to have continuous training in all aspects of the job and the level of such training should keep up with the changing times. For instance, they attended a seminar about the newly released Trane thermostats – new digitally operated thermostats that are far more advanced than the traditional ones at home.

Types of Heating Systems: Need-To-Know

furnaceSteve is asked about the different types of heating systems and components for the homeowner’s knowledge:

Furnace – This is a warm air system that works with air ducts. It forces the air through the ducts and dissipates it to the rooms.

Boiler – A boiler meanwhile will have a hot water base board or steam application. The former is the newer technology used today. This type of system provides even heating while the warm air from the furnace will dissipate a lot quicker.

As far as the replacement of a heating system at home, the typical interruption will last a day or even less. On larger boiler systems, the installation may take up to three days, in these types of jobs, Ohl focuses on getting the hot water system operational as soon as possible to minimize inconvenience to the household. Also, the kind of renovation or changes that need to be done matters a lot on the period of installation or replacement. For instance, the homeowner may be asking for a switch from natural gas to propane or from heating oil to propane or natural gas. In this regard, work can be more demanding because of the removal of heating oil tanks, old boilers, and other components. Warm air systems usually can be installed in less than one day. But R.F. Ohl assures that every detail of the basement, second floor, or any area where the installation is done is put back into a condition better than what they found it.

Allentown Heating Oil & Heating System Servicing

Posted on: November 14th, 2013 by RF Ohl

Check out our latest interview, being streamed live on air with Steve Ohl. Steve is discussing R.F. Ohl’s services, namely heating oil delivery and the support services that R.F. Ohl provides to the Allentown, PA area and all of the Lehigh Valley. Such services like installation and servicing of heating systems as well as sales of fireplaces at R.F. Ohl’s showroom in Lehighton.

Heating Oil Delivery to Allentown PA & Beyond…

Steve Ohl, President of R.F. Ohl, talks about Ohl’s service offerings for Allentown heating oil and heating. The company has been around for almost thirty years, and has evolved into a bigger and more comprehensive service company catering to heating and cooling needs throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania, including the Lehigh Valley. Ohl is currently providing heating oil, propane, and kerosene along with serving heating systems and HVAC systems.

Aside from oil delivery in the Lehigh Valley area, Ohl also installs and services heating systems, part of which is the installation of furnaces, boilers, and basically all forms of heating equipment, including natural gas, propane, electric, heat pumps… everything related to heating and cooling systems.

If a homeowner in the Lehigh Valley has a heating problem or needs a new heating system at home, R.F. Ohl can provide complete and full servicing and they operate 24 hours each day. A customer service representative is always available to answer calls 24/7.

solar powered systemsBut aside from the servicing heating systems, R.F. Ohl also deals with solar-powered systems and equipment including geothermal, electric, and other types of energy products, including tank-less  hot water systems. Basically, when it comes to energy, heating and cooling, R.F. Ohl can provide a solution for your needs.

Ohl handles many different brands of heating and cooling systems. For instance, they service and repair heat pump brands like Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, and others. They can do installations for any major brands of heating and cooling systems as well.

Additionally, R.F Ohl also deals with highly efficient, System 2000, a kind of boiler from Energy Kinetics that is popularly used today because of its more advanced and efficient attributes. While this system is truly efficient, it is more complicated than normal systems. Due to the complexity, many other contractors in the Lehigh Valley do not install and/or service these systems.

Split Unit Systems: More Practical and Super-Efficient Alternative to Traditional HVAC Systems

Homes need both air conditioning and heating, both of which are essential when it comes to providing comfort the entire year. But if there is onemini split thing that gives homeowners the hesitation to install them is the cost. The installation in an existing home is often times complicated and expensive due to the need of running new duct work and other installation complications. But, the headaches of retro-fitting a home with traditional HVAC system can be avoided with the mini split system. It consists of an indoor head unit that supplies the heating and cooling inside and the outdoor unit that is connected to the indoor unit. The outdoor unit is placed outside and only a small pentration is made through the wall. And because this type of system only requires very minimal wall penetration and disruptions, the installation of this type of unit is not just easy, but also fast and less costly. In fact, everything is done inside a day. Generally speaking, it will cost the homeowner less than half the cost of the usual heating system. And the best thing is that they work and operate in the same level of quality to that of comprehensive and traditional heating systems.

Tank-Less Water Heaters

Tank-less water heaters meanwhile are another type of heating equipment intended to provide domestic hot water with utmost efficiency. It is ideal for energy conscious people.

Summer Season Services

Aside from addressing heating needs during the cold season, R.F. Ohl also offers air conditioning services during the summer months. They specialize in the installation and servicing of Trane, Fujitsu, and Mitsubishi units.

To reiterate, Ohl provides services to five counties in Eastern PA including, oil delivery, HVAC service, heating repair and installation, propane delivery, and more.

The R.F Ohl showroom is located in Lehighton, PA, where you get to see more products on display including charcoal, propane or natural gas barbecue grills, Primo grills, wood pellet stoves, awnings, patio furniture, fireplaces, space heaters and many different accessories.

Call R.F. Ohl at (610) 624-4827

Heating Oil Tamaqua Prices & Delivery

Posted on: November 11th, 2013 by RF Ohl

Steve Ohl discusses pricing of heating oil in Tamaqua PA as well as delivery and other related topics, such as the history of R.F. Ohl. Check it out here…

Just like many companies in Pennsylvania, R.F. Ohl started out as a family business.  But it began as a business solely focused on water well drilling, which started in 1981. The founder, father of the current president, Steve Ohl, actually worked in a heating oil delivery company. In 1984, he started his own heating oil delivery company delivering oil the public. Steve Ohl joined the business full-time after graduating college and infused new ideas and innovations that ultimately grew R.F. Ohl into the company that it is today.

heating oil businessThe company grew larger with the leadership of Steve and catered to a wider customer market. Communication became an integral part of the company’s operation and they started sending emails and newsletters to current clients and customers. In 1996, R.F. Ohl decided to let go of the water well drilling business and focused on heating oil delivery. In 2003, they added propane delivery as part of their services and then the rest followed, including HVAC services, patio, fireplaces, heaters, and then opened up a showroom for other products in 2004.

While based in Lehighton, R.F. Ohl actually provides heating oil delivery service to five counties in Eastern PA area, including Tamaqua. The service covers about fifty miles. In order to make sure your city is covered though, you can conveniently reach them through email or phone and they’ll tell you if they can provide heating oil to your home or business. But delivery isn’t limited to heating oil since they also provide diesel and propane.

Why Choose R.F. Ohl For Heating Oil In Tamaqua Or Other Towns?

Tamaqua is one of the areas where R.F Ohl covers. For the company, its greatest advantage and edge compared to other heating oil companies in the area is that they can be reached through different platforms and media for communication. The phones always have people on standby to answer queries and provide assistance 24-hours a day. Calling the office after hours will provide emergency as well as regular assistance with a live operator. Aside from the phone, the company can also be reached through email, Facebook, or Twitter. The company is generally accessible and very friendly.

Product Lines and Prices

The company is competitively priced on all the products they offer including heating oil, propane, kerosene, diesel, patio products, and others. As mentioned earlier, R.F. Ohl transformed and developed itself to become one of the most versatile and flexible in terms of services provided. So aside from the main service of heating oil delivery, they now offer delivery of propane, kerosene, and diesel. What’s even better news is that the prices for these products are as good as those of main suppliers and company that focus on them solely.

Heating Oil Customers

heating serviceThere are basically two types of consumers when it comes to heating oil. The first one wants a full service where they just give a call and then they will be given the full service package including automatic deliveries, tank maintenance and inspection, and service plans. The second one meanwhile are those customers who just want oil delivery and nothing else. This means they opt to watch and maintain their own tank. R.F. Ohl actually provides both options. Customers can simply go online at, place the order any time of the day, and the delivery is guaranteed to arrive within forty eight hours.

Customer Service

Overall, the company is the best in Eastern Pennsylvania when it comes to customer service. They have built it in a way that customer satisfaction, convenience, and utmost confidence are always at the topmost priority list. It’s not just really about delivering oil, it is making sure that homes are always comfortable and warm.

2013 Heating Oil Price Outlook

Posted on: November 6th, 2013 by RF Ohl

2013 Heating Oil Price Outlook

Watch our latest TV interview feature Steve Ohl, President of R.F. Ohl.


As temperatures begin to drop to welcome the winter this year keeping your home warm can be costly. Even if there are so many different ways to keep the family protected and safe from the outside weather, those ways will most likely lead to higher energy bills and expenses. Some homeowners are acquiescing to the notion that they all have to spend a bit more for the winter.

winter heatingA report from the Energy Information Administration that was recently released revealed that fuel prices for this year are a mix of good and bad news. Of all the fuel sources intended to heat your home, there is certainty that oil has become the most cost-efficient for the winter. The main reason for that is because only six percent of homeowners actually use it and they mainly reside in the northeastern part of the U.S.

In the northeast, temperatures are expected to be colder than the rest of the country. It is even projected to the colder compared to what it was last year. As a result, homeowners in Lehighton PA and other areas will have to reach deeper into their pockets just to keep themselves warm, comfortable, and sane in the process. But if you are using heating oil to heat your home, then you are in right side of the battle. You actually catch a break by using oil this year. Just like any other fuel source for heating, it is always good news to hear if oil prices go down.

According to Steve Ohl of R.F. Ohl Lehighton PA, the average homeowner will spend a bit over $2000 annually in order to effectively heat their homes using oil. As of the moment, the price of oil is actually holding steadily, specifically at $3.69 per gallon. And what’s even better news is that the prices are actually down significantly compared to what they were a year ago. Steve further said that when a homeowner figures out that they can save anywhere from two to five percent based on the EIA projections for the entire course of the winter season, it always feels like a giveback to the usual amounts homeowners are spending in the previous years. The thing is at least the prices aren’t going up.

heating expensesOnly a small portion of homeowners use heating oil and natural gas accounts for more than half of the rest. According to EIA’s winter fuels outlook, for the first time in two years, consumers will expect a significant rise in natural gas prices. Natural gas prices are in fact expected to rise up to fourteen percent because the levels of supply have reached a historical low. As a result of the pressure in the rise of natural gas prices, heating oil will eventually get lower price projections. It’s more of a direct effect.

Those who use propane on the other hand will see a nine percent increase based on the same report while those who rely on electricity for heating their homes will see about two percent increase in their consumption and expenses. But even if the prices of fuel sources last year were consistent, price spikes and changes can actually happen anytime without warning. For instance, there can be minor issues that will affect the prices but they mostly depend on what happens to the rest of the world, especially oil producing countries.

Meanwhile, experts contend that it is practical to grab plans that will allow the homeowners to pay a monthly fee, which in turns serves as a cap or some form of security. In this instance, if the prices go down, the homeowner gets the reduction, and when it goes up, they only have to pay for the price they were only capped up for. This is basically saying that it is much better to plan and purchase oil well ahead of time, especially with the fact that they are priced lower compared to the period where the demand for it rises considerably.

Heating Tip: Benefits of Changing Out Dirty Air Filters

Posted on: September 23rd, 2013 by Heating Oil Guru

dirty air filterThe home, no matter how closed and secured you seem to feel it is, is actually always exposed and opens to millions of dust and dirt particles. These particles are the same culprits in providing a poor indoor air quality. As a result, what you’re getting is harmful indoor breathing environment for you and your family. The particles coming from the aid vary from irritating dirt, pollen and dust that lead to allergies, harmful smoke, and viruses.

That’s why it is quite important to clean indoor air. The good news is there are several ways to do that. But you don’t really have to exert that much effort since you can start out by cleaning your air filter in your heating and cooling system on a regular basis. The main purpose or objective of cleaning your air filter is to guarantee the efficient and effective removal of particles in the air that cause allergies and the possibility of viruses and illnesses. A dirty air filter is a definite “no” in your home and you should take some steps in cleaning or changing out those old ones.

The air filter is undoubtedly one of the most important components of your heating and cooling system. Keep in mind that if you’re using the right variety for your system, it will successfully protect you from airborne particles that carry bad effects including dust, dirt, smoke, mold spores, pet dander, and pollen. When you’re purchasing one, you can even ask your local HVAC professional to help you find something that is capable of removing allergens and bad stuff from your indoor air.

So why change the air filter? The main rationale behind the idea of changing air filters regularly is to allow the heating and cooling system to improve the indoor air quality while they distribute warm or cold air. Also, a new and clean filter will substantially extend t he life of your system. Likewise, it leads to lower energy usage because for one, the heating system as well as the air conditioner will be able to function more efficiently.

Here are more benefits for you to comprehend:

1 – A new air filter will allow you to have a better operating heating and cooling system and the equipment will be more convenient to maintain a comfortable and ideal temperature.

2 – The indoor air will not only be cleaner but also fresher. A clean air filter knows how to get rid and trap allergens, bacteria, and even odors that come with them.

air filter cleaning3 – You will have an easier time cleaning your home and your HVAC system. When you have new or clean air filters, there is a lesser possibility of having repairs for your system.

4 – You will experience a significant reduction in your energy bills. When the air filters are dirty, they get clogged and the heating and cooling systems will fail at providing sufficient air circulation.

5 – Finally, with clean air filters, you are in a way helping the environment by conserving energy and reducing carbon footprint.