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Winter Newsletter

Posted on: January 30th, 2014 by RF Ohl

winter newsletter

Check out our latest newsletter where we discuss fuel delivery, peace of mind, understanding your delivery ticket, what to do if your heat is not working and much more. We also have opportunities for you to win a Weber grill and a $500 gift card. Click here to download the newsletter as a PDF file.

Finding A Heating Contractor in Lehighton, PA

Posted on: January 17th, 2014 by RF Ohl

In this interview Steve Ohl from R.F. Ohl gives us some insight into what he would look for in a heating contractor in Lehighton PA.

Originally aired live on Jan 17, 2014

Tips For Finding A Great Heating Contractor Allentown

Posted on: December 10th, 2013 by Heating Oil Guru

great heating contractorYou think finding the right heating contractor Allentown is a walk in the park? Think again! The thing is there are so many different factors and tips to consider right before you can officially say you’ve got the right people for the job of repair, replacement, maintenance, or installation of your heating system at home.

1 – Research

Just like how you look for a roofing, flooring, or painting contractor, you need to do some significant research first in order to comprehend and determine the legitimacy of your prospects. The first thing you need to do is find out about the license, certificate, training, and insurance requirements for a great HVAC contractor in your area or state. Keep in mind that before you call in a contractor, you first have to know the model of your current heating system as well as its maintenance history. This is to ensure that you’re not wasting your own time and the contractor’s time. Part of your research should be the listing of any uncomfortable rooms, the purpose of which is to aid the contractors in determining your heating issues and needs.

2 – Referrals

It is expected that you don’t have any clue as to where to get names. The good news is that you can always ask for referrals. Think of your friends, coworkers, neighbors, and family. You can expect any one of them to have availed of the services of an HVAC contractor in the past. As for more reliable reference, you can also call local trade organizations for specific names and contact numbers in your locality.

3 – Expect a Comprehensive Evaluation

heating contractorA great HVAC contractor will spend a substantial amount of time in terms of thorough and comprehensive inspection of your current system, and in the process assess your heating needs. When it comes to installation, it doesn’t always mean that a bigger system is the best. A good and reliable contractor will effectively size the heating system based on the overall area or space in your house, level of insulation, and the status of windows. Also, they will never fail to conduct additional inspection on the duct system in order to see if there are any presence of air leaks and insulation problems.

4 – Written Estimates with Itemization

Finally, a reliable and dependable heating system contractor will give you a proposal or bid that is placed on writing. In the proposal, essential stuff should be present including the cost, energy efficiency stats, and warranties. Be reminded though that it doesn’t mean that the lowest price is also the best deal around. What you need to understand is you’re in need of a heating system that will give you the opportunity to save money and be energy efficient.

Tips For Hiring Heating Contractors in Allentown (and elsewhere)

Posted on: November 21st, 2013 by Heating Oil Guru

Thinking of Installing a New Heating System?

This is an interview of Steve Ohl where he discusses tips on how to find a good heating contractor to install and/or service a heating system in Allentown, PA or another other town. Watch it here…

  We had a small Internet glitch and had to resume the interview, so here is part two…

Tips On What Homeowners Should Look For in Heating Contractors

Heating Contractor Allentown PAOne thing that a homeowner must consider is if the contractor can provide service and is accessible 24 hours a day. It won’t matter if you have the best heating contractor if the same cannot be reached especially in times you need them the most. Somebody that can answer the phones every minute of the day is important.

Next are free estimates. Most contractors will offer free estimates or perhaps some type of rebate if they charge a small free upfront for the estimate. Be wary of contractors asking for large fees to perform an estimate.

A written proposal is as important as any other requirements in a homeowner’s search for a heating contractor. You don’t want to get a verbal quote from a contractor and end up paying a thousand dollars more when the job is complete. Get it in writing and make sure they are going to honor the pricing they gave for the installation or any other service for that matter. Based on Pennsylvania law, every contractor must possess a license and they have to provide a written contract or agreement on any job that costs more than $500. The license number provided by the State to the contractor must be present and visible in any advertisements made by the company, be it in their website or their van with the contractor’s name on it.

Things to Look Out For in the Installation of Heating Systems

Do not work with heating contractors that ask a significant amount of money upfront. Typically, a thirty percent down payment is asked, which partially covers the cost of hard expenses that the contractor needs to incur at the beginning of the job. When it comes to payment options for the consumer, there are financing choices offered by R.F. Ohl. For instance, Ohl partners up with a financing company that offers zero down payments. The monthly payments meanwhile can extend up to seven years. Multiple payments options therefore are a good barometer in determining a good heating contractor. Aside from financing, using a credit card for payments offers security and protection for the homeowner’s purchases in the event of a dispute.

The lowest price doesn’t always guarantee you get the best deal on your end. You have to consider looking at referrals and references to double check on the contractor’s reputation. The purpose of seeking referrals is to find out more about the contractor, both good and bad.

According to Steve, the good thing about their company is that they are very active in social media and other forms of communication. Because of this, there is emphasis on transparency, where would-be customers get to see feedback from previous clients, be it negative or positive.

Meanwhile, Steve talks more about the track record of a heating contractor as another essential factor to consider. According to him, it is important for their people to have continuous training in all aspects of the job and the level of such training should keep up with the changing times. For instance, they attended a seminar about the newly released Trane thermostats – new digitally operated thermostats that are far more advanced than the traditional ones at home.

Types of Heating Systems: Need-To-Know

furnaceSteve is asked about the different types of heating systems and components for the homeowner’s knowledge:

Furnace – This is a warm air system that works with air ducts. It forces the air through the ducts and dissipates it to the rooms.

Boiler – A boiler meanwhile will have a hot water base board or steam application. The former is the newer technology used today. This type of system provides even heating while the warm air from the furnace will dissipate a lot quicker.

As far as the replacement of a heating system at home, the typical interruption will last a day or even less. On larger boiler systems, the installation may take up to three days, in these types of jobs, Ohl focuses on getting the hot water system operational as soon as possible to minimize inconvenience to the household. Also, the kind of renovation or changes that need to be done matters a lot on the period of installation or replacement. For instance, the homeowner may be asking for a switch from natural gas to propane or from heating oil to propane or natural gas. In this regard, work can be more demanding because of the removal of heating oil tanks, old boilers, and other components. Warm air systems usually can be installed in less than one day. But R.F. Ohl assures that every detail of the basement, second floor, or any area where the installation is done is put back into a condition better than what they found it.

Balance Your Home’s Moisture With A Heating System Humidifier

Posted on: November 20th, 2013 by Heating Oil Guru

When you have dry air in your home, you will feel the effects of it right then and there. For instance, you feel like your throat is very dry. But that’s just a small risk. If you let it be, it can lead to the aggravation of respiratory ailments you might be already experiencing.

heating system humidifierThe natural effect or consequence of an extremely cold weather outside is that your home will lose its humidity to the outdoors. And while the normal or optimal percentage of humidity inside is about 40 percent in order to experience comfort, in the cold weather, it can drop as low as 5 percent. That of course is a staggering drop in humidity levels, which by the way leads to a substantial amount of discomfort. Hence, the insufficiency in humidification during winter is one of the major culprits of respiratory infections. And thus, the heating season will eventually lead to having repeated and recurring attacks of winter colds.

Warm air will suck the moisture in people. That’s why you will most likely feel that your throat is beginning to feel itchy and scratchy. At the same time, you will also feel that your nose will dry out and static electricity sparks are seen. Also, dry air goes as far as splitting and deforming furniture and other woodwork. There are even instances when hardwood floors are affected.

That is why there is a dire need to balance your home’s moisture level if you want to remain comfortable during the winter season. And the good news is that you can easily do it with your heating system. All you have to obtain is a device called a heating system humidifier.

What is it and what does it do?

A humidifier actually works in order to bring back the moisture balance that your home once enjoyed and possessed. It is a vital piece of device that will help you secure your family’s health and well-being during the course of the winter or cold season. It actually works quite simple by putting water vapor into the indoor air. There are several different kinds of humidifier but the most salient distinction is the water output capacity. One type can serve a single room while another is designed to humidify an entire home or living space.

To reiterate, you need a heating system humidifier in order to keep the balance of moisture in your home, and it is actually the most efficient and quickest solution. There are room-size varieties that are popularly called as tabletop units. As the name implies, they are mostly intended for humidifying specific rooms. A freestanding cabinet console unit or sometimes referred to as a central humidifier meanwhile is designed for humidifying an entire home and it is usually tied into the home’s heating system.

So if you are thinking of making sure you don’t put yourself and your family in harm’s way because of the significant decrease in humidity levels in your home, you have to seriously think of balancing your home’s moisture level through the use of a heating system humidifier.