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Winter Newsletter

Posted on: January 30th, 2014 by RF Ohl

winter newsletter

Check out our latest newsletter where we discuss fuel delivery, peace of mind, understanding your delivery ticket, what to do if your heat is not working and much more. We also have opportunities for you to win a Weber grill and a $500 gift card. Click here to download the newsletter as a PDF file.

Heating Oil Tamaqua Prices & Delivery

Posted on: November 11th, 2013 by RF Ohl

Steve Ohl discusses pricing of heating oil in Tamaqua PA as well as delivery and other related topics, such as the history of R.F. Ohl. Check it out here…

Just like many companies in Pennsylvania, R.F. Ohl started out as a family business.  But it began as a business solely focused on water well drilling, which started in 1981. The founder, father of the current president, Steve Ohl, actually worked in a heating oil delivery company. In 1984, he started his own heating oil delivery company delivering oil the public. Steve Ohl joined the business full-time after graduating college and infused new ideas and innovations that ultimately grew R.F. Ohl into the company that it is today.

heating oil businessThe company grew larger with the leadership of Steve and catered to a wider customer market. Communication became an integral part of the company’s operation and they started sending emails and newsletters to current clients and customers. In 1996, R.F. Ohl decided to let go of the water well drilling business and focused on heating oil delivery. In 2003, they added propane delivery as part of their services and then the rest followed, including HVAC services, patio, fireplaces, heaters, and then opened up a showroom for other products in 2004.

While based in Lehighton, R.F. Ohl actually provides heating oil delivery service to five counties in Eastern PA area, including Tamaqua. The service covers about fifty miles. In order to make sure your city is covered though, you can conveniently reach them through email or phone and they’ll tell you if they can provide heating oil to your home or business. But delivery isn’t limited to heating oil since they also provide diesel and propane.

Why Choose R.F. Ohl For Heating Oil In Tamaqua Or Other Towns?

Tamaqua is one of the areas where R.F Ohl covers. For the company, its greatest advantage and edge compared to other heating oil companies in the area is that they can be reached through different platforms and media for communication. The phones always have people on standby to answer queries and provide assistance 24-hours a day. Calling the office after hours will provide emergency as well as regular assistance with a live operator. Aside from the phone, the company can also be reached through email, Facebook, or Twitter. The company is generally accessible and very friendly.

Product Lines and Prices

The company is competitively priced on all the products they offer including heating oil, propane, kerosene, diesel, patio products, and others. As mentioned earlier, R.F. Ohl transformed and developed itself to become one of the most versatile and flexible in terms of services provided. So aside from the main service of heating oil delivery, they now offer delivery of propane, kerosene, and diesel. What’s even better news is that the prices for these products are as good as those of main suppliers and company that focus on them solely.

Heating Oil Customers

heating serviceThere are basically two types of consumers when it comes to heating oil. The first one wants a full service where they just give a call and then they will be given the full service package including automatic deliveries, tank maintenance and inspection, and service plans. The second one meanwhile are those customers who just want oil delivery and nothing else. This means they opt to watch and maintain their own tank. R.F. Ohl actually provides both options. Customers can simply go online at, place the order any time of the day, and the delivery is guaranteed to arrive within forty eight hours.

Customer Service

Overall, the company is the best in Eastern Pennsylvania when it comes to customer service. They have built it in a way that customer satisfaction, convenience, and utmost confidence are always at the topmost priority list. It’s not just really about delivering oil, it is making sure that homes are always comfortable and warm.

Special Event: Meet The Contractor

Posted on: February 26th, 2013 by rfohlAdmin

Meet The Contractor

FAQ: Is Propane Allentown PA Really Safe?

Posted on: November 29th, 2012 by rfohlAdmin

Joe O’Donnell from R.F. Ohl Heating Oil & Propane answers a frequently asked question that we get all the time from home owners and business owners looking to use Propane for their primary fuel source, heating and/or cooking.

Here is the question… “Is propane really safe?”

Propane Allentown PA Video:

R.F. Ohl Heating Oil & Propane can provide Allentown consumers the best Propane services available on the market. We specialize in Propane Allentown PA delivery and we also can provide services to all the bordering towns and counties including Bethlehem PA, Macungie PA, Whitehall PA, Nazareth PA, Jim Thorpe PA, Lehighton PA, East Stroudsburg PA, Palmerton PA, Tamaqua PA, Slatington PA, Stroudsburg PA and other towns.

Not only do we offer great propane service, we also handle heating and cooling, HVAC systems, Oil Boilers & Installation and Mini Split Air Conditioners. R.F. Ohl Heating Oil & Propane is one of Allentown PA’s Propane supplier market leaders.

Our exceptional Propane Allentown PA consumer assistance personnel look forward to serving you, call us today at (610) 624-4827.

FAQ: Propane Allentown PA – Is It Really Safe?

Avoid Heating Repair Allentown – Scheduling Your Heating Check!

Posted on: November 24th, 2012 by rfohlAdmin

Propane heaters and Heating Repair Allentown PA can help you keep your home warm and comfortable—at less cost!

Working with Heating Repair Allentown can provide you the kind of service you need. There are many great reasons why should our service to keep your propane heaters filled.

Propane heaters are great devices to keep your home warm. They are used to keep spaces at a temperature that is comfortable for the persons gathered. They can be a cost-effective solution for your heating needs because you can reuse them again and again; and you can save a great deal of money by working with a company such as Heating Repair Allentown. In this way, the one-time investment you made in your propane heater will repay over and over. Imagine all of the money and effort you will save by not having to scramble for propane refills every time you need it.heating repair allentown

Heating Repair Allentown can help you to economize your use of heating oil…

…so that you do not have to pay exorbitant amounts of money to warm your home. In order to save money on your heating bill it is vital to manage your propane and heating oil expenditure.This can be vital to helping you keep your household budget intact.

It is also important to remember that heating oil must meet certain federal guidelines. Indeed, heating oil in the United States must be in line with the ASTM standard. Heating Repair Allentown PA offers you the kind of rich, certified, high-quality heating oil you need to fill your propane heaters. This is just the kind of guarantee you need so you don’t have to worry about bad, corrupted, or ineffective heating oil being used in your furnace, propane heater, or other instrument.

Fortunately, finding Heating Repair in Allentown is not that difficult.

The place to begin your search is the worldwide web. The web will allow you to bring the company’s website to your computer screen. There you will find the company’s various products, offerings, and services, whose value and quality you will be able to review and evaluate. Using the web also enables you to find out the reputation of Heating Repair Allentown PA and compare it with others. The best predictor of future performance is past performance. Heating Repair Allentown PA has a proven record of delivering high levels of customer satisfaction, and we are confident that we will meet and exceed your expectations.