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A Heating Stroudsburg PA Authority Points Out The Differences Between Gas & Oil Heating Systems

Posted on: September 10th, 2012 by rfohlAdmin

Gas or Oil?

There are great differences between gas and oil heating systems. When it comes to heating Stroudsburg PA companies, they have to decide whether or not they want to install gas or oil heating systems in the homes of their clients. Analyzing the difference between these two heating systems is important for themselves as a business, and for their clients as well. They have to make sure that they are investing in the types of products that their clients are looking for. As the world is transitioning toward green energy and saving money with renewable energy sources, gas and oil heating systems are quickly falling out of popular demand. However, the world is nowhere near having renewable energy available for heating a home. For this reason, furnaces are still powered by gas and oil, these are the only types of products available to a heating Stroudsburg PA company. Below, you’ll find some of the differences between these two heating systems that a heating Stroudsburg PA authority has pointed out.

Which Type of Heating Stroudsburg PA Should You Choose?

Both systems provide reliable heat for a home, but one uses forced air and one uses hydronic technology. Still, both heating systems rely on a burner inside your home. Keep in mind though, there are some outdoor package units available but most people typically have bad experiences with these and they’re not recommended by heating companies. Gas and oil heating systems are both safe and reliable, although gasping sometimes be talked about negatively because accidents can occur from time to time. When equipment is maintained poorly, gas and develop problems. Additionally, oil can get a bad rap if the tank begins to leak or lines begin to cause an ecological problem. Additionally, there are insurance carriers for homeowners that will not insure homes that have heat obtained through oil, unless they have above the ground tanks installed with leak detectors to avoid a disaster.

Keep in mind, oil can typically cost a lot more than gas. Of course, political changes can adjust these prices rather quickly. It has happened in the past, it could happen again. The cost in order to buy both types of heating are relatively similar, although gas requires an external gas supplier. Oil you can obtain through a wide variety of local suppliers, but you must have an on-site storage tank and establish some type of contract with the heating Stroudsburg PA supplier of your choosing.

What Kind Of Propane Allentown PA Prices Can We Expect To Have This Winter?

Posted on: September 5th, 2012 by rfohlAdmin

propane allentown pa pricingPropane Allentown PA -¬†Summer is now over and preparations for winter are now well underway. Of course if one hasn’t already had a boiler service and checked the heating arrangements then there is still time before the snows begin to fall and turn Allentown PA into a winter landscape.¬†One of the major things to be taken into account is what is the most cost effective and efficient way of heating your premises. The article discusses what we can expect in pricing with regards to propane Allentown PA.

Ways to conserve Propane Allentown PA

One way to conserve on Propane Allentown PA is of course insulation. It is impossible to completely insulate a building, not to mention being very costly. But it is always possible to reduce heat loss by looking at where the heat is lost and stopping those but simple and inexpensive means. Filling gaps, installing fiber glass insulation in the ceilings and lagging pipes. Blocking unnecessary air vents are low cost and will yield a noticeable reduction in the power usage for heating.

Note that a large percentage of heat loss is through the windows and correcting this by installing heat efficient windows is somewhat more costly and likely to take more than a year’s savings to pay for itself. Nevertheless it is a worthwhile thing to do in that the energy consumed to both heal and air condition the building will be noticeably reduced or far more effective.

Propane Allentown PA As A Fuel Source

The next is the selection of the fuel source. It is usually a simple matter to use electricity with bar, fan or panel heater if heating is not attached to the air conditioning system. This is actually a very expensive method as the power companies make a sliding scale of charges per kilowatt hour used during peak times which is normally when the heating is required. Oil burners were very popular back when low oil prices were stable but over the last few years the price of heating oil has followed the price of fuel oil and is now very expensive. The Oil price has begun to surge again after a reduction over the summer.

Propane Allentown PA is a far more economic source. Not only is the heating supplied immediate and clean but the prices have actually reduced since January 2011 from over $4.50 per million btu to less than $2 by Spring 2012. At the time of writing the price has risen again to about $3.00 and is potentially going gently increase to above $3.50 but stay below $4 for the duration of the 2012/2013 winter.

So the good news is that using propane as a fuel is likely to be fairly stable.

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Propane Allentown PA Delivery Areas

Posted on: August 3rd, 2012 by rfohlAdmin

Propane Allentown PA:

This is a short video discussing our Propane Allentown PA delivery areas. Basically, we deliver propane Allentown PA and all surrounding areas.

R.F. Ohl Heating Oil & Propane gives Allentown customers the highest quality Propane and services. We specialize in Propane Allentown PA delivery and we also deliver to all surrounding areas and surrounding counties including Bethlehem PA, Whitehall PA, Jim Thorpe PA, Lehighton PA, East Stroudsburg PA, Palmerton PA, Tamaqua PA, Slatington PA, Lansford PA, Stroudsburg PA and other towns.

We also handle Oil Furnace Installation, Gas Boiler Installation and Gas Furnaces Installation. R.F. Ohl Heating Oil & Propane has become Allentown PA’s Propane Supplier Industry leader.

Our outstanding consumer assistance staff looks forward to serving you. We are your experts at Propane Allentown PA. Call Us Today at (610) 624-4827

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Donation Recognition From Carbon County’s Conservation Camp 2012

Posted on: June 27th, 2012 by rfohlAdmin
Propane Lehighton PA Recognition Certificate From Carbon County

We are proud to be a supporter of Carbon County’s Conservation Camp for 2012.

Below is a nice recognition letter and certificate from the Carbon County Environmental Education Center acknowledging our support of their organization. At R.F. Ohl Heating Oil and Propane in Lehighton PA, we believe in Continue Reading

Propane Supplier Allentown PA: Tips On Finding A Reliable Propane Supplier

Posted on: June 4th, 2012 by rfohlAdmin

Finding-A-Propane-Supplier-Allentown-PA-1Propane Supplier Allentown PA discusses the benefits of utilizing propane and heating oil to heating houses. When it comes to heating our homes and saving money on energy, propane and heating oil are really the most cost effective sources to use. This article discusses the benefits of utilizing an overlooked heating source, propane, and on finding a great Propane Supplier Allentown PA.

Propane being a harmless hydrocarbon, makes it a popular choice, as it is better for the environment, is cheap to use, and it easily accessible. With 56,000 miles of pipeline and more than 6,000 retail dealer locations, propane is readily available Continue Reading