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What Should We Expect Heating Oil Allentown PA and Propane Allentown PA Prices To Do Coming Into Spring & Summer 2012?

Posted on: May 1st, 2012 by rfohlAdmin

pricing-expectatinos-heating-oil-allentown-paHeating oil Allentown PA pricing  as well as propane will likely hold steady maintaining existing levels for the next several months.  This is according to a US Energy Information Administration (EIA) report recently issued in March of 2012. The price of crude oil is the primary force behind fluctuations in heating oil prices.  According to the EIA, their expectations are that crude oil prices should maintain $100+ per barrel in 2012-2013.

Heating Oil Allentown PA & Propane – How Are Prices Affected?

As noted earlier the price of home heating oil Allentown PA, fuel oil, and propane is fundamentally driven by the price of a barrel of crude oil.  That being said, other factors such as extreme weather conditions, seasonal demand, and disruptions in the supply of these fuels, also affects the short-term prices of propane and heating oil. Continue Reading