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Posted on: September 24th, 2014 by RF Ohl

Winter time is right around the corner, are you ready?

Is your home’s heating system tuned up and working in tip-top condition? This is the time of year to start thinking about that. Do you want a little bit of peace and mind? If so, then a home heating system service plan may just be what you are looking for.

This video discusses heating service plans and preparing your home for the upcoming winter season.

Video Transcript:

Speakers: Brett Lewis & Christopher Hardy

Brett Lewis: Hey everyone, I’m Brett Lewis with L4 Group, and today we’re going to be talking about heating systems and service plans for heating systems. You know, this is the first week of fall and already the temperatures are starting to drop with some cool mornings, cool evenings, and it’s really time to start thinking about getting your heating system serviced and getting ready for the winter.

And today I have with me Christopher Hardy from RF OHL, and Chris is our heating expert. So, Chris, how are you?

Christopher Hardy: Doing great, Brett. Thank you.

Brett Lewis: Wonderful. Wonderful. So, Christ, to start off, can you give our viewers a little bit of background of the services that RF OHL provides and what role you play with the company?

Christopher Hardy: Certainly. We are a home comfort, liquid fuel provider that is serving a five-county area. Our primary focus is full VHCA services, so installation, plus full service for any type of heating system. We also are a home fuel provider, both fuel oil and propane, and we do also offer hearth and patio services as well.

My particular role in the company is that I do help all of our residential customers, you know, make buying decisions and help in keeping them comfortable.

Brett Lewis: Perfect. Perfect. So, let’s jump right into heating service plans. Can you talk a little bit about what a service plan is?

Christopher Hardy: Absolutely. A service plan works in a fashion which is annual, so what we offer to the customer is a full 12-month coverage regarding their home heating system. There are certain levels that are available, but an annual service plan is not only applicable for just an annual tuneup, but it also grants you priority service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. So, look at it as an insurance for your comfort to protect you and your family.

Brett Lewis: Great. And just to clarify, people do not need to have a service plan in order to have you guys come out to fix their heating, but if they do have a service plan, they get priority-level support. Is that accurate?

Christopher Hardy: Yes, that’s absolutely correct. Anybody is welcome to have service from RF OHL, and we invite customers to try us out if they’re not familiar with RF OHL, and of course our existing customers as well. When you have a service plan in place and you have an emergency, which is after-hours, the priority service is key because we come out to you same-day service and you would go first. So, it gives you an extra leg up, you know, knowing that your comfort issues will be addressed sooner.

Brett Lewis: Perfect. And I also want to touch on this point that RF OHL has operators on standby 24/7. Correct?

Christopher Hardy: That is correct. When you call here, you speak to a live person. There is no machine. There’s no automated system for you to dial through or to wait an extended period of time. So, we like to address the calls as they come in right away. That’s one of the things we take great pride in here.

Brett Lewis: Awesome, because there’s nothing worse than coming home from work after a long week. It’s a Friday. It’s, you know, eight ‘o clock at night. You realize your heating system is not working. You know, you want to be able to talk to somebody and not be faced with a weekend of being out of heat.

Christopher Hardy: Absolutely. And with extended periods of time in the bitterly cold temperatures that we experienced last season, we know that all customers would like to have that priority service in place, and the service plan is an excellent vehicle to do so.

Brett Lewis: Great. Now, can you talk a little bit about what a service plan includes or doesn’t include?

Christopher Hardy: Certainly. The service plans themselves, what we like to do here is we include a full precision tuneup, so a 30-point inspection, plus a full cleaning and test of the actual heating system itself. Now, outside of it, if you find that your heating system needs repairs, we would grant you 15 percent off both the parts and the labor on that repair itself, so you get the discount on both sides. Not just parts only, which is commonly found in the marketplace.

The other nice advantage to that is having the overtime and weekend rate reduced to regular rate time. So, rather than you paying the overtime rate, which is more expensive, we do grant you the regular rate cost regardless of the hour of your phone call.

Brett Lewis: That’s awesome. Yeah, that’s definitely a very nice perk to have. And you know, like you said in the beginning of the interview, it’s like an insurance plan.

Christopher Hardy: Absolutely.

Brett Lewis: Yeah, it makes a lot of sense. So, if someone is interested in getting started up with this plan, how would they go about doing it? How would they sign up?

Christopher Hardy: Really they can contact us here at RF OHL, which is direct telephone number. They can ask for myself. I’d be more than happy to help, or we do have a form on our website, which you can fill out and submit, and I’d be more than happy to answer any questions that you have there. I take great pride in providing personal service to our customers, so when there are questions or concerns regarding a service plan or any service from RF OHL for that matter, it would be me that they’re talking to. So, I’d be here for anybody if there’s questions.

Brett Lewis: Great. And another point of clarification just popped in my mind. As far as the service plan goes, you offer service plans regardless of the fuel source for the heat system. Correct? I mean because you’ve got oil, propane, natural gas. I mean you guys handle all of it, right?

Christopher Hardy: That is correct. Any form of liquid fuel, we would offer you a service plan on that home heating system. There’s only two forms that we don’t, which would be solid fuels and that’s coal and wood. So, anything outside of that absolutely available to the customer. All the same stipulations for every person. There is no differences in the service plan regardless of your fuel source, so that way everybody reaches the same benefit.

Brett Lewis: Awesome. All right, anything else you want to add. Anything that I didn’t touch on that you get customers asking frequently.

Christopher Hardy: Yes, most definitely. Our service plans do extend out to smaller appliances as well. So, we have a primary plan for your home heating system, which does your whole house, but say, for instance, you have a gas fireplace inside the home, we do offer annual protection programs for those as well. Our technicians are trained to tuneup any type of fireplace that’s out there, or gas space heater – anything to that effect, so there is another level available. It is at a different cost from a primary heat source.

So, if customers are wondering where to get their appliance serviced, their gas appliance or oil-fed appliance, we’d be more than happy to assist them with that and I invite them to please give me a call and I’ll go through all the details.

Brett Lewis: That’s a great point because I know I just did a video not too long ago with (Unclear 7:31), talking about gas fireplaces and there’s a perception on gas in the marketplace, where you maybe install the gas fireplace a couple years ago or five or ten years ago, or whatever, and you think you don’t have to have it services. It’s kind of like an isolated unit. You kind of can forget about it, but that’s not the case. Do you want to touch on it a little bit?

Christopher Hardy: Absolutely. With any gas appliance you have to keep in mind that combustion is a sealed combustion. It’s occurring inside your unit, and there are byproducts of combustion, which, if not addressed over a long period of time, will cause corrosion, damage, and of course decrease the shelf life of your unit. So, a lot of home owners don’t know where to turn when it comes to a gas appliance. They’re of the conception that a gas appliance does not need a maintenance.

We always recommend an annual maintenance. Therefore, we know that your unit is going to last longer, it’s going to burn more efficiently, and above all be safe for you to operate for you and your family. So, there are big issues when it comes to a gas appliance that we are prepared to address at any given time. And if there is an emergency, a home owner should feel inclined to give us a call at their convenience so we can address that for them. There is no question mark when it comes to a gas appliance or oil-fed appliance for that matter. We’re happy to help.

Brett Lewis: Awesome. That’s great. So, Chris, I want to say thanks for taking some time out of your busy day today to talk about heating systems, service plans, and other appliances as well as you just touched on. I know I learned a few new things and I’m sure that our viewers did as well.

So, just to recap, if you do need to have your heating system serviced or if you’d like more information about a service plan, you can contact RF OHL at www.RFOhl.com or click on the link in the description below this video, and you can also call them at (610) 377-1098. And also, RF OHL is active on Twitter and Facebook as well, which you can access through their website.

So, Chris, again, thanks for taking your time to talk to me about heating systems.

Christopher Hardy: It was my pleasure, Brett. Thank you.

Brett Lewis: All right, have a great day.

Christopher Hardy: You too.

Brett Lewis: All right, take care.

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