Is Your Propane Grill a Ticking Time Bomb?

Posted on: August 18th, 2014 by RF Ohl

Gas Grill DangersIt happens more than you may think. According to the National Fire Prevention Association, here are 7,000 fires due to gas barbecue grills every year. Many of those fires are due to leaking propane gas.

This news clip from the NBC Today Show talks about how damaging these fires can be. Byron Fuchs, featured in this news clip, sustained 2nd degree burns on his arms while lighting a gas grill at a 4th of July party.

NBC News reporter, Jeff Rossen, worked with firefighters from Minnesota to demonstrate exactly how dangerous a propane leak in a gas grill can be. Here is the full news clip:

Some safety takeaways are:

  • Make sure that you light your gas grill immediately. Do not allow the gas to build up prior to lighting – that is what causes these explosions during the lighting process.
  • Be sure to check for gas leaks with the soapy water test. Mix up a solution of water and soap, creating a sudsy solution that you can spray on all the gas hoses and connections. If you see air bubbles forming, you potentially have a gas leak that needs to be fixed.
  • Keep the grill far enough away from your house to prevent the house from catching on fire. Firefighters recommend at least three feet from the house.

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