Signs That You Might Need To Service Your Air Conditioning System

Posted on: July 15th, 2013 by Heating Oil Guru

air conditioner repairIf there’s an award for the most hardworking piece of equipment at home, it should go to the air conditioner. It is always there to provide comfort especially during the hot and humid season. Without this equipment, life indoors should be very unpleasant and uncomfortable during the summer months. But in the process of conditioning the indoor air, the entire system will eventually gather and unwontedly collect layers of dust and dirt particles that will result to clogging the air filter. At this point, all the other functioning parts of the unit will suffer from abuse and wear and tear.

That is why in order to make sure that the air conditioning system is functioning ideally and efficiently, it has to be serviced and repaired regularly. But the question is how do you know that it already needs servicing?

Read on and we will give you the five clear signs that it is about time for air conditioner repair, of course the purpose of which is to allow it to run effectively and efficiently as it should be.

1 – System Won’t Switch On

If you happen to experience an air conditioner that will not switch on, it means that it has stopped working, which also means that it is an obvious sign that it either needs to be repaired or replaced. However, you can’t just jump into calling in the experts without first looking into the power connections and the fuses. Even the untrained eye will see if there is something wrong with the wirings and fuses. But if you think they’re fine, that’s the time you call in an HVAC technician. You do have to hope that a simple and minor repair will do the trick. If not, you are left with no choice but to opt for replacement.

2 – Circuit Breaker Trips When You Switch the Air Conditioner On

If you are having this type of issue, it may be because of two particular reasons. First, there may be a short circuit inside the unit. Second, the sudden power surge caused by turning on the air conditioner cannot be handled by the existing electrical system. It is obvious that you cannot use the unit whenever the circuit breaker trips. Therefore, you again have to call in the technician to take care of the repair job.

3 – There Is No Response to Climactic Temperature Change

Your air conditioning system will certainly need repair when there’s no response to climactic temperature changes. Yes, the modern systems of today are designed to do so in order for the room temperature to remain optimal every single time. It means that they will turn on and off automatically as a response to the sudden change in room temperature. So if yours is seemingly working without automatic on and off, there may be an issue with the thermostat. Hence, it’s clear as day that you need to have it repaired.

In the end, you need to understand that just like any other machine, the air conditioner is not designed to be error or damage proof. It is expected to malfunction at any given time and your job as the homeowner is to understand what your system needs for it to function properly all over again.

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